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The SATEC Group is a Spanish multinational that provides innovative solutions and services in the field of information and communications technology. We provide the solidity and solvency we have gained thanks to more than 35 years’ experience in the market. We have been present in Spain and Portugal since the company was founded in 1988. Our international expansion has always prioritised Africa as we seek to position ourselves as the leading ICT integrator in the Maghreb. Furthermore, we have occasionally developed projects in several Latin American countries. The trust placed in us by public sector entities, leading telecommunications operators and many large businesses with which we have developed multiple, successful projects in technology consulting is worth mentioning.

We apply our knowledge to every business and every client_

We care about listening to and understanding our clients’ business, which is why we make available our technological capacities and knowledge in order to propose the best solution and meet their needs. Thanks to the knowledge acquired through numerous projects developed over the years, we are able to provide contrasting experience in key activity sectors, such as public administration and government, telecommunications providers, utilities, transport, health, banking and insurance, among others.

We offer innovative, end-to-end solutions and services_

We work to continually remain at the forefront of technology, which in turn allows us to offer our clients value-added solutions through integrating technology’s multiple components. Thus, we are capable of offering, among others, innovative, cross-sectorial solutions in diverse areas, such as IoT, Big Data, analytics, IT automation and Industry 4.0. This innovative philosophy is reflected in our mission: “create value and generate growth through innovative solutions and services in the field of information and communications technology, aiding our clients’ efficiency and productivity, and promote talent, integrity and teamwork in order to be a leader in our industry and our community”.

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Satec Enhanced Services
SATEC Global Services
SATEC Arabia
Interhost | Value added hosting services
Alvatross by SATEC
SATEC Arabia

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Satec Health

Consulting and Integration

We support our clients in identifying the best solutions to digitally transform their businesses, with an up-down approach. We listen so as to understand their needs and we participate in the implementation and/or improvement of processes and tools, backed by best practices and market standards.

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We help our clients to keep their ICT resources updated, secure, productive, consistent and available at all times, therefore contributing to the efficiency of their businesses. We offer services in support, monitoring, infrastructure and application management, and managed services. We don’t act as a provider, but rather as a facilitating technology partner.

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Hosting & Cloud

Through our affiliate Interhost, we offer personalised information systems and CPD management hosting services as well as support for systems operations, delegated administration and full outsourcing of platforms and infrastructure.

4.0 Solutions_

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Big Data

Data Governance

We help our clients to comprehensively manage the data life cycle, from capture to use, via validation, storage, processing, regulatory compliance, custody and access control. To do so, we offer our knowledge in Big Data platforms for structured and unstructured data management, in addition to our advanced analytic capacities through the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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We develop comprehensive IoT projects, offering our knowledge in multiple layers: sensors, networks and communication systems, and data capture and management platforms. We develop customised solutions for diverse business areas, such as utilities, smart cities, environment, agriculture, manufacturing processes, logistics and more.

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Digitalisation is a clear, competitive advantage but it also involves risks due to exposure to cyberattacks. Our complete cybersecurity proposal, for both IT and OT environments, includes a wide range of advanced solutions and services that minimise the risks and guarantee our clients enjoy peace of mind.

Satec Health

IT Automation

Automation is one of the key mechanisms in accelerating the digital transformation as it allows us to be more agile, flexible and efficient while reducing errors, improving SLAs and maximising customer satisfaction. Provisioning in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, configuration management, orchestration, containers and DevOps, RPA… These are just some of the areas linked to automation in which we offer our capabilities and experience.